Гостовање колега из Аустрије

In the week from 9 to 13 May 2002, our school hosted colleagues from the Austrian school Mittelschule 2 from Wergl, as part of their Erasmus project „Connected teachers – connected schools“. The visit of the headmaster Katrin Haun and her two colleagues, Serenaj Dincer and Julije Onerholencer, followed after our colleagues, Bojana Tomić, Slavica Mitrović and Miroslav Milenković, visited their elementary school, also within the framework of our Erasmus job shadowing project „Connected teachers – better schools“.

During the five-day stay, the colleagues from Austria visited 17 lessons in all three school departments, attended consultations on the topics of the SEN program, work in the SEN class, the participation of our school and the opportunities provided by the eTwining platform, using digital tools in teaching, the job shadowing experience of our colleagues in Spain earlier this year (also within the Erasmus+ program) and the presentation of the work of the electronic register book. They also had a reception at the municipality of Vozdovac.

Outside the school, in our free time, we organized socializing and visiting the sights of Avala and Belgrade with our colleagues. The guests enjoyed the sights of the Avala area (the pedestrian path from the school to the Sakinac well, the Avala Tower, Church of St. Despot Stefan, Radojka Lakić Student Resort, ethno restaurant Stari Majdan, Eco-park). They also visited Ada Ciganlija, Gardoš and Zemun Quay, Kalemegdan, Skadarlija, the monument to Vasa Čarapić, the Cathedral Church, the Church of St. Sava, Tašmajdan, the Church of St. Mark, Andrić’s wreath and the Sava Promenade.

Several of our talented students provided support by helping our colleagues and guests communicate in English. Congratulations to Anđela Gavrilović 7/1, Anja Gavrić 7/1, Darinka Vučićević 7/1, Vuk Hadžić 5/1, Aleksandar Stanojević 7/2 and Neven Rašević 7/2.

The impressions of our guests are extremely positive in every respect. They particularly emphasized the pleasant atmosphere of collegiality in the school, the teachers’ motivation and dedication to their work, the students’ participation in translation, the knowledge of our students in various subjects and their participation during lessons, the organization of activities in the three facilities, the teachers’ attitude towards the children, the use of green surroundings for school activities. They were especially delighted that entire classes sang wholeheartedly in music lessons.

The school issued certificates to the colleagues from Vergl that they had successfully achieved all the goals of the visit within the framework of this job shadowing mobility. We hope for further successful cooperation.

Maja Hadzic

Head of International cooperation team

Primary school Vasa Carapic Belgrade